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The Coworking Course

One of the four goals of the Cowork4EU project is the stronger integration of coworking spaces into university teaching. The master seminar "International Coworking and Entrepreneurial Management" takes place every semester with 10 students from each of the four partner universities. During the course, students have the opportunity to develop their own concept of a university coworking space in international teams. The seminar includes a funded 2-day trip to one of the participating universities. During the trip, students will have the opportunity to meet their team members in person and develop their concepts together in a coworking space. The application is open to master students only.

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Would you like to get a brief impression of our course? In the video, Assistant Professor Dr. Sandra Diller from Seeburg Castle Private University tells you more about it!

Impressions from the Coworking Course during the Summer Term 2023

Gruppenfoto des Kurses "International Coworking and Entrepreneurial Management" im Sommersemster 2023 in Prag. © Jonah Weißwange

During the summer term 2023, the coworking course took place in Prague! On April 24 and 25, ten students from TU Dortmund University, Paris School of Business, Seeburg Castle Private University and Prague University of Economics and Business worked in international teams to develop their own coworking space concept for universities.

The students had the opportunity to work in the coworking space "Pracovna" and got to know the open and collaborative working atmosphere in coworking spaces. Using the Business Model Canvas tool, the students were able to develop innovative coworking spaces specifically designed for students, researchers, and university startups. Their results were then presented to other students and professors from all four partner universities. The concepts ranged from coworking spaces with a focus on wellbeing and mental health, innovative spaces with various machines and tools, to franchise solutions for university coworking spaces in Europe.

Impressions of the coworking course in the winter term 2023

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In the winter term 2023/2024, the coworking course took place from 02.11.-04.11. in Salzburg! 36 students from the TU Dortmund University, Paris School of Business, Private University Schloss Seeburg and Prague University of Economics and Business worked in six teams to develop innovative concepts for coworking spaces with a student focus. The students were given the opportunity to work in, a high-end coworking space above the rooftops of Salzburg. There they discovered the different space concepts and the collaborative working atmosphere of coworking spaces.

The students presented their innovative coworking concepts using the business model canvas to a jury consisting of professors and coworking space members and managers. The concepts ranged from micro coworking concepts in central downtown locations, to coworking spaces with a focus on collaboration between corporations, startups and students, to hybrid coworking spaces that offer coworkers the opportunity to work both in the real and virtual world. A virtual coworking space was specially developed by the students for this purpose.