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Ruhr School of Design Thinking

The Ruhr School of Design Thinking was initiated by an interdisciplinary team of researchers, companies and institutions from the Ruhr region, which use Design Thinking in numerous fields of application, such as teaching, innovation projects and to solve social issues. Started with actors from the University Alliance Ruhr, we are constantly expanding our network in the Ruhr region.
Together, the Ruhr School of Design Thinking would like to strengthen the innovative power of the Ruhr region. In doing so, we address social, economic and technological issues and pursue a sustainable and resilient economy and society. In the future, innovations must be conceived within the boundaries of our planet and in harmony with the interests of future generations. We accompany the industry in the digital transformation and support associations and institutions in questions around human-centered innovation and transformation.

For questions, cooperation offers, or similar, please visit the website of the Ruhr School of Design Thinking.