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Department of Business and Economics

Opt-IN: Optimizing informational sustainability for citizens in data ecosystems

In the project "Optimizing informational sustainability for citizens in data ecosystems" (Opt-IN), a research consortium is working on the development of a privacy-compliant ecosystem. This ecosystem aims to enable citizens to exercise their fundamental right to informational self-determination in a world where digital platforms increasingly collect personal data. The consortium consists of a group of dedicated researchers investigating real-life use cases in the context of smart homes and smart cities. Their research aims to strengthen citizens' trust in digital solutions in these application fields. In doing so, the needs and reservations of citizens are thoroughly analyzed in order to precisely understand the requirements for the applications. Based on state-of-the-art technologies, the consortium is developing business use cases and a best-practice toolkit for platform services.

The project focuses on a holistic and user-friendly privacy-by-design approach to protect citizens' privacy. An innovative live data cockpit will enable transparent decisions about data use and revocation. The open ecosystem encourages collaboration and participation of all stakeholders, including citizens as data providers. The consortium aims for broad adoption, low barriers to entry, and high interoperability, especially by focusing on use cases that are close to everyday life. The research results should help people trust digital solutions more at home and in public spaces. Privacy-by-design becomes an innovation factor and competitive advantage, while technological sovereignty is strengthened.

The project duration is 36 months from 10.2023 to 09.2026.

The project leader and contact person for questions or cooperation offers is: JProf. Dr. Simon Hensellek

Further information can be found here.