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Department of Business and Economics

JProf. Dr. Simon Hensellek

Photo of Simon © JProf. Dr. Simon Hensellek

Junior professor Dr. Simon Hensellek holds the chair of Entrepreneurship and Digitalization at TU Dortmund. His research interests lay in the fields of entrepreneurship, digital leadership,  innovation, and business, strategic management, and entrepreneurial behavior and orientation. Simon co-authored the German Startup Monitor, which offers a comprehensive display of the German startup landscape. His research has been published in renowned journals such as The Journal of Technology Transfer and The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. His publications received multiple awards at conferences such as the Academy of Management Meeting and the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship and Research Exchange Conference. Simon further acts as a reviewer for the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, and the Journal of Corporate Real Estate.  Feel free to visit his profile for his CV and published works here.

Marko Orel, Ph.D.

Photo of Marko © Marko Orel, Ph.D.

Marko is an organizational sociologist who works as an assistant professor and a head of the Centre for Workplace Research (CWER) at Prague University of Economics and Business. He specializes in exploring the changing nature of the workplace and the transformation of work and work-related processes. In addition to that, Marko is currently exploring experimental, qualitative research methodologies. He recently guest-edited a special issue on workplace transformation at Emerald’s Journal of Corporate Real Estate, edited a volume on flexible workplaces that Springer Nature has published, and has published several chapters and research papers in journals such as World Leisure Journal, Mobile Networks & Applications, Review of Managerial Science and others. Find his CV and published work here.

Ing. Lukáš Válek, PhD

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Lukáš Válek obtained a bachelor´s degree in Financial Management at the Faculty of Informatics and Management of the University of Hradec Kralove and a master´s degree in Corporate Finance and Business at the Faculty of Business and Management of the University of Technology Brno. He holds PhD in the field of Information and Knowledge Management from FIM, UHK. He is active in non-profit, non-governmental (NGO) sphere since 2010 and focuses on relations between NGOs and business. Since 2012 he is involved in projects of the program Erasmus+ in various roles including consultant for the Czech National Agency. His publishing activities are related mainly to non-mainstream complementary economic systems and further to migration and entrepreneurship. He has long experience in the application of methods of non-formal learning in education and in project management, and since 2017 worked as a technology scout in the field of humanities (University of Hradec Kralove). In the Cowork4EU project, he is in charge of the finances and project management at VSE. You can find out more about him and his publications right here.

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Sandra Diller

Photo of Sandra © Ass.-Prof. Dr. Sandra Diller

Assistant Professor Dr. Sandra J. Diller is a professor of Organizational Psychology at Seeburg Castle Private University, a PostDoc at the LMU Center for Leadership and Peoplemanagement, and an IOC Harnisch researcher affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. Her core research areas are Personnel Development (incl. Coaching, Training and Mentoring), Leadership, Social Interactions in Organizations, and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. Among others, her research has been awarded the Young Investigator Award, the IOC Research Grant, and the Dissertation Achievement Award. In addition, her teaching has been awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award and the Distance Teaching Award. Sandra further is a certified coach, trainer for social competencies, and mentor. Find her CV and publications here.

Prof. Ignasi Capdevila

Photo of Ignasi © Prof. Ignasi Capdevila

Ignasi is a professor (PhD; HDR) and researcher at the Chair NewPIC at Paris School of Business, associate researcher at Mosaic (HEC Montréal), BETA (University of Strasbourg) and i3-CRG (École Polytechnique). His research interests include localized knowledge creation and transfer, knowledge communities, creativity and innovation management in organizations and cities. Ignasi is currently working on the innovation dynamics in collaborative spaces (like coworking spaces, Fab Labs, makerspaces, hackerspaces, etc.) and on the knowledge and innovation processes taking place in cities. His research has been published in the Journal of Economic Geography; Industry and Innovation; City, Culture and Society; Journal of Business Strategy; among others. Access his CV and published works here.

Jonah Weißwange, M.Sc.

Photo of Jonah © Jonah Weißwange

Jonah studied business and economics at TU Dortmund University. He researched the effect of economic and demographic location factors on local entrepreneurship rates in Germany in the course of his bachelor thesis. In his master thesis, he deepened his studies by analyzing the effect of economic and cultural location factors on entrepreneurial startup and performance rates in the United States.

He spent a semester abroad at ESC Amiens in Amiens, France during his bachelor’s studies. Jonah gained his first practical experience while working at the British bank HSBC. He supports Cowork4EU as a research assistant at TU Dortmund while conducting academic research on coworking spaces in the course of his Ph.D. Find out more about him here.

Magdalena Weber, M.Sc.

Photo of Magdalena Weber © Magdalena Weber

Magdalena Weber studied psychology at the University of Vienna. In her bachelor thesis she investigated how omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans differ in their gender role self-concept, their human supremacy beliefs and their moral disengagement from meat. In her master thesis she shifted her focus to the organizational context and examined how employees' personal values and norms are related to their demonstrated pro-environmental behavior at the workplace, as well as what other norms play a role here. She gained a lot of experience in research (quantitative and qualitative) as well as practical experience through her part-time work in an agile consulting firm. Furthermore, she has already published her first paper based on her bachelor thesis. Magdalena supports Cowork4EU as a research associate at Seeburg Castle University while going to conduct academic research on coworking spaces in the course of her Ph.D.